Hello Hampton Club Owners & Residents!

As part of the board’s continued efforts to keep the community up-to-date on important matters to the Hampton Club Community, we have agreed on taking a fully transparent and proactive approach to reaching out directly to you. The first such step is to publish minutes from the board’s meetings to the community at large.

We are always looking to solicit ideas on how to improve our community, and our board. Should you have any ideas that you would like to share, please get in touch by using the “contact the board” page.




Meeting called to order @ 7:30


  • Ted
  • Subhash
  • Mohamed
  • Bernard
  • Anthony
  • Mario

Delinquency report:

  • $17k collected over the year V.S. $24k in legal fees
    • 141% of incoming fees have gone to collection fees from the lawyer
    • this is not a full picture as there are incoming funds from that work that have not yet hit the books. It is also just looking at a single year
  • anthony to provide data based on everything to date – we only have records for when mem took over – 2 years

Regional Manager’s Report:

  • $2-3K required for reserve study

Manager’s Report:

  • 2 rent receiverships ready for rent sept 1st
    • $900/m for 1 bedroom
    • $1,300 – $1,400/m for the 2 bedroom

New Business:

  • New business from Mohamed – open RFP process brought up for discussion
    • management concern with time to evaluate bids
    • open RFPs to be considered for larger projects – on a line item basis
  • Mohamed has brought up and the board has agreed to begin transparency transformation process through board minutes
    • to be approved via email before publishing
  • Creation of a complaints log – management to create and maintain a record of all complaints to understand frequency and urgency of issues brought up by the community.

meeting closed @ 9:35