The Covenants Committee is headed by Ted Mack, Vice President Hampton Club Condo Assoc. If you are interested in joining the Covenants committee please contact the Hampton club office.


The Board of Directors have established a Covenants Committee in order to assure that the community shall always be maintained in a manner:

A. providing for architectural consistency, visual and aesthetic harmony and soundness of repair;
B. avoiding activities deleterious to the aesthetic or property values of the community ;
C. furthering the comfort of the Unit Owners, their guests, invitees and lessees; and
D. promoting the general welfare and safety of the community.


Established in 2008 by the Board of Directors at the Hampton Club, the mission of the Covenant Committee is to uphold the standards and improve the quality of life throughout the development. The volunteer members of the committee serve as ambassadors
on behalf of homeowners and tenants. The Covenant Committee is a vehicle of influence that aims to shape policies according to the needs of at least two-thirds of the homeowners who are good standing.