The Finance Committee is headed by Tricia Campo, Treasurer Hampton Club Condo association. If you are interested in joining the Finance committee please contact the Hampton Club Office.

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Tricia Campo

Rashid Munir

FINANCE COMMITTEE: The members of the Committee and the requirements needed to participate will be as follows:

  • The president and Treasurer of the Hampton Club Condo Association
  • Four (4) Homeowners are needed to volunteer.  Three (3) must reside at the Hampton Club. Preferably, all Homeowners have a background in finance.  The Chair of the Committee will be a Homeowner
  • Each class of Ownership must be represented.
  • Everyone must be current with his/her maintenance fees

The members of the committee will meet amongst themselves to arrange the roles and internal function of the committee.

RESOURCES: The committee will start by composing a survey that will be given to the Homeowners to find out their feelings about all of our current expenses and where they would be willing to accept some cuts.  Based on the responses, a Plan of Work would be established