Hello Homeowners!  It’s that time of year again and we are ramping up for the 2015 elections for the Board of Trustees.  we are requesting that any Unit Owner who is interested in running for an elected seat, please complete the attached Nomination petition and return it to mem property by November 28, 2014.  Notifications to all Hampton Club owners will be distributed on December 19, 2014 and elections will be held at the Club House in January of 2015.

Who are the Board Members?

These are individuals who have a genuine interest in the community.  They come from a variety of background, previous Board experience is not requirement to run for election.  The Association’s Board  is made up of five elected seats of Unit Owners.  These are voluntary positions – there is no compensation or financial benefit to the individuals holding Board elected positions.  current Board members are permitted to re-run for the open seats, as well as any other Hampton Club Unit Owner.  Not all current Board members will be re-running this year.  All Unit Owners running for an open Board seat must be in good standing (i.e., up to date with maintenance fees) with the Association. Board members once elected are required to serve a two year term.

What are the responsibilities of a Board member?

The Board is responsible for the oversight of the Association property which includes the Common Elements as well as improvements, repair and maintenance of property; oversight of all costs and expenses incidental to the operation and administration of our Association. The Board utilizes experts- attorneys, accountants, and the Management Company to assist in specific areas. In addition, the Board is responsible for promulgating the Rules and Regulations as established in the Master Deed, the By-Laws, and the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions,as well as the additional general rules outlined in the By-Laws. Board members generally meet on a quarterly basis and must be willing to serve for a two year term.

I’m interested, what’s the next step?

Complete the attached Nomination Petition; include your name, address,and background and/or qualifications. All nomination petitions must be returned to mem property by November 28, 2014. Then start canvassing your neighbors! About the second week in December, Unit owners will receive a copy of the Official Ballot which will include the names of all individuals interested in running for the open Board seats. The final accounting of all Ballots and Proxy’s will take place at the Homeowners meeting scheduled in January of 2015 at the Club House.


Sincerely yours,

Hampton Club Condo Association

Board of Trustees