Happy New Year! May you all be blessed with your hearts desires in 2012!

Last year was a huge year of transition. The City of New Brunswick completed their new roadway and our new en-trance. We are about to officially begin using our new en-try gate system. We have completed construction of our NEW Club House with management office, gym and meet-ing rooms (available for rent).

As we enter this New Year here is a checklist of things to remember:

  • VOTE! Elections are on Thursday, January 26th. If you do not have a ballot, you will find it on our web-site or stop by the office. If you have an outstanding balance on your maintenance as per our by-laws you will not be allowed to vote.
  • Show up at our Home Owners meeting, stay connected and get involved! The next one is Thursday, January 26th 7 PM in the Club House. 
  • Commit an act of kindness everyday towards your neighbors: Say “Good Morning”, introduce yourself and share something positive.
  • Refrain from loud noise after 10 PM on weekdays; re-member your neighbors below, above, beside and in front of you can hear everything.
  • Don’t run you washing machine, dryer or dishwasher after 10 PM on weekdays
  • When communicating with each other show respect and kindness; it will come back to you.
  • Do not park in your neighbors parking spot.
  • Instruct your guests to respect our home and follow our rules.
  • Please take the time to educate your visitors on our entrance policies
  • Keep our buildings smoke free; smoke 25 feet away from building entrances.
  • Be proud of your home and do not litter in the halls or anywhere on the property.
  • Be neat and follow the bylaws regarding your balcony: one table, four chairs and two bikes hanging on brackets.
  • Throw your garbage in the dumpster, not on the ground.
  • Do not use our parking spaces as a storage/junk yard, remove all non-working vehicles off our property.

Share your ideas with us on how to improve our communi-ty; we currently have garbage pick-up and hallway carpet-ing on the Board’s agenda. What other areas would you like the board to tackle in 2012.?

In Partnership with you,

Ingrid Randall