The management office is distributing this reusable recycling carry bags provided by the City of New Brunswick for you to use to transport your recyclables to the larger recycling receptacles.  This recycle carry bag is reusable, easy to clean, has a handle on the bottom for unloading, has recycling instructions on it and will help eliminate the use of plastic bags.  This bag is designed to be used to transport recyclables only, not for shopping.      

   Plastic bags don’t belong inside the recycling bin.  Plastic bags get caught in sorting equipment at the recycling plant and cause the entire facility to shut down for bag removal and disposal.

    Please empty your bottles, cans, paper and small pieces of flat cardboard into the larger recycling bins loose.  Please don’t put plastic bags, trash, food, toys, baby strollers, cups, cords, electronics, batteries, pizza boxes, aluminum foil pans, and other unacceptable items into the recycling bins.  The only type of plastic that belongs in the recycling bins are plastic bottles with a #1 or #2 recycling symbol on them.   

If you have any questions, please contact:

  • Our management office
  • Our maintenance superintendent
  • Or the City of New Brunswick recycling office at the phone number listed on the reusable recycle carry bag

Thank you for Recycling Right and for helping to keep the recycling area neat!