December 19, 2014


Dear Homeowners and Tenants:


Please remember all trash and recycling should be placed in the appropriately marked receptacles in the rear trash area.

The receptacle marked recycling is for all commingled recyclable items listed below:

Layered cardboard with center that is shaped into

ridges, folds or grooves. Also pizza, cereal, tissue, gift and shoe boxes. (waxy or glossy boxes not accepted)


Newspapers, magazines, office paper, colored paper, junk mail, Telephone and softcover books, hardcover books with cover removed, brown paper bags and non-metallic paper.



Clear, brown, green bottle, steel, tin beverage and food containers. Plastic beverage and laundry containers with a recycling symbol.



All other household trash should be placed in tied plastic bags and put in the containers marked trash. Please do not place any trash on the ground.


Thank you for your cooperation.


Any questions can be sent to