meeting opened @ 7:49pm
in attendance:
board: ted, subhash, & mohamed
team: john k., bernard & regional manger
Rent recieverships:
1136 – rented, starting 10/1
1110 – lined up, ready this week – targeting 11/1 move-in
719 – rent receivership – clean up starting 10/1 – targeting 11/1 move-in
710 – rent receivership –  clean up starting 10/15 – targeting 11/1 move-in

  • getting quotes from other insurance companies – bids within a week
  • security – has made some drastic changes to the better are are much more responsive to our needs. No new concerns, since the contract is month to month, we will re-evaluate as necessary.
  • mem – conversation to be lined up between the board and mem to talk about rent receivership fees to be waived
  • landscaping – to be increased slightly next year to go beyond grass cutting
  • building cleaning – to be maintained at current cost while the SoW is to be increased to include services rendered beyond the current SoW to prevent surprises and additional charges going into the future
  • legal – still needs to re-negotiated into a P&L center rather than simply a cost center
  • rent receivership income missing from the budget
open discussion on how to balance the rising costs of services for the community with the delinquency rate. Several opinions at the table. The debate continues.