Dear Resident,

Let’s continue to work together to maintain a clean and welcoming property. Respectively review and follow the below listed guidelines:

• Please be mindful of helping to keep your tower clean.

• Do not use anything to lodge door open; this damages the doors causing unnecessary repairs that drive up maintenance fees. When tower doors are left open this allows anyone to enter the building creating a serious safety risk for residents.

• Absolutely no loitering/hanging out in the hallways; this disturbs your neighbors and creates filth in the hallways creating extra maintenance driving up our monthly fees.

• Do not use hallway outlets for any reason. Anything plugged into a hallway outlet will be cut and confiscated and a $100 fine will be charged to violating unit. Again, this adds to our expenses which drive up your monthly fees.

• The Master Deed states each balcony should have no more than 2 chairs and 1 table. Any balconies in violation as of this memo will receive a $100 fine.

• No smoking in hallways; please smoke 25 feet away from the building and use an ashtray. Please do not litter our property with your butts. This will eliminate the stale smell of smoke in our hallways and provide cleaner front yards.

• Do not litter. Trash left on the grounds attracts skunks and other animals who will potentially hang around building entrances at night.

• Please throw your garbage in the dumpster; garbage left on the ground increases maintenance work, driving up monthly fees. Again, unkempt garbage attracts animals to our property.

In Partnership With You,