At tonights HOA meeting, we were supposed to walk away with new board members, unfortunately we only had 22% of the eligible voters cast their ballots. If you have not yet voted, please put your votes in today. Your vote counts, place it today:

Download a Ballot here



My name is Rashid Munir and I have been a building 1 unit owner since 2004. In that time the Hampton Club
has made great strides to improve the quality of living within our community and I want to continue this
I am a graduate from Rutgers University and a nine year employee of Johnson and Johnson where I have
managed departmental capital budgeting and appropriations, project management and development, and risk
assessment projects.
J&J has a storied tradition of values and success reached by being able to clearly define short and long term
goals and objectives, and careful planning to execution. With these tools in place I believe we can make great
strides in improving the Hampton Club Community. Thank You


Hello Hampton Club Home Owners
My name is Cynthia Parker and I am up for re-election. I know some of you may think that a new change on the board is a good thing, and it is but you also need some one who knows some of the history and struggles the Hampton Club has been through. To continue make the Hampton Club the place it is today I will need your vote. I have seen this place grow in to a beautiful community, I have helped the board vote on important issues that benefited the Hampton Club including lowering maintenance fees, cutting our yearly budget down, and of course the building of our first Club House.
I will love to continue to make decisions on how our community should be ran in the future. I know times have gotten hard for everyone but you can not give up on the place you call home. Together we can continue to make a difference and with your vote I will continue to do what is best for the Hampton Club. This year has been tough not only for you but also for me but with faith I pulled through. I am asking you to put your faith in me and vote for my re- election in January 2012.
Thank You,
Cynthia Parker


I am an IT person who has been in the field for over 10 years, so I definitely know how to interact with people.
I am an active member of several community groups, including the NJ 2nd Amendment Society and the NRA.
Having a safe and secure home is important to me. I want to improve the standards of living in our community.