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June 17, 2022

RE: Code of Conduct when visiting the Management Office

Dear Resident(s):

As you know, the Hampton Club is now being self-managed and we have an amazing team who are dedicated to servicing the community. The new team has been tasked with addressing many concerns within the community. One of the areas that we need to address is compliance to the rules and regulations.

Recently, the management office has been met with hostility and disrespect from some residents who were not happy with a rule or regulation that was being enforced. You are reminded that the staff is here to service, you, the community. Part of servicing the community means that we will need to address anyone that is not in compliance with the rules and regulations of our  community. We understand that the management transition may be challenging for some residents but at no point is it ok to berate, swear at, or
disrespect anyone on our team because you are angry or upset.

Our team will be professional and respectful to all residents within the community and we expect this behavior to be reciprocated. However, if anyone from the community disrespects or makes anyone from our team feel unsafe, Security will be called as well the New Brunswick Police department depending on the severity of the matter. In addition, you may be subject to Legal action as well as possible eviction. 

If a resident has a request that falls outside of our normal business practice, we would ask that your request be sent to us in writing. Once we review your request, we will make a determination and provide feedback. We may make certain accommodations and or considerations for reasonable requests.
We thank you in advance for your cooperation and we look forward to servicing


Hampton Club Management

Cc: Board of Trustees


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